SuperGamer is my 2nd best friend in real life. We have alot in common!


Bio Edit

His original account got banned or blocked by Roblox, so he made a new account, This One! He has 148 friends, 6 followers, and is following 1 person. Supergamer joined on 10/12/2016.


Currently Wearing Edit

SG has lots of things. He wears the Hipster Glasses as his face accessory. He has Pink Sheep Pants and Shirt. He has Jack the Monkey on his shoulder. He has dog tags for his neck, and Blond hair and Star Lord's Headphones as hats.


Trivia Edit

  • His body resembles Pink Sheep, his fave YouTuber
  • He calls his monkey, Homie Monk3y
  • His character is the only one that looks like his true self.
  • His favorite game is Murder Mystery 2