• Javioc's Old Self
  • His New self
Javioc is my #1 friend ever! He is always there to help me and others too. We used to be arch-nemesis to each other. But now we are #1 friends! Javioc is a friendly dragon styled player that is fun, smart, and always making people happy!


Bio Edit

Javioc is an older character who joined when "Pete's Dragon" came out. Coincidence? I think not! He joined on 8/16/2016. He has 3 friends (he doesn't like random requests), 6 followers, and isn't following anyone. Javioc is Co-Owner of ETHAN Corp. He HATES EthanGamerTV (just like me).


Currently Wearing Edit

He bears alot of Dragon clothing! He has my Guns Ready Tee on (He used the texture so he could make sleeves). He is wearing the Jeans with Sneakers also. He has a red skin tone (like all dragons normally should), a Magmawwrath dragon head, and a Magmawrath tail. His old self had just a red naked body, a Pete hat, and a tail that DOES NOT MATCH.