Ahmed is a newer player and a great friend of mine. Him and Ethan know each other and have each other's Phone Numbers.


Bio Edit

Ahmed joined ROBLOX because all of his friends played Roblox. He joined on 5/15/2017. The first game he played was Jailbreak (BETA). He plays Roblox on mobile. He has one friend: Ethan674833, no follows and he isn't following anyone.


Currently Wearing Edit

Ahmed is wearing the Motorcycle Jacket by ROBLOX and the Green Jeans by ROBLOX. He has no package on his arms, but the Man package for his head, torso, and legs. He has a Light Orange skin tone. He has the Pal hair equipped.


Trivia Edit

  • Ahmed's look is supposed to look like muscles.
  • He has a similar, maybe even an opposite look of Bein