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Ethan674833 is the true Founder and creator of ETHAN Corp. He made ETHAN Corp for 3 things: Robux, Friends, and Happy people. Ethan is the builder of all the current games and made all of the clothes.


Bio Edit

Ethan joined on 7/15/2016 and played "The Plaza" as his first game. He was influenced by Pink Sheep's first Plaza video. Ethan currently has Original Builders Club and has THOUSANDS of Robux. He has 200 friends, 110 Followers and is following 20 people. He is a newer POPULAR player in Roblox.


Currently Wearing Edit

He is currently wearing his Guns Ready Tee as his shirt. His pants are the Jeans with Sneakers by ROBLOX. His Back accessory are the Black Wings. He has the Shiny Teeth face and his the True Blue Hair. He has the Red Hyperlaser equipped as his Gear. His arms are colored Black to make a glove-like appearance, and has the Shoulder Shark Cat as his shoulder accessory. He has Dog Tags on his neck.


Other Info Edit

He has made 2 models (excluding the Badge model) both based off Bendy and the Ink Machine. He made the original design too! His favorite game to play is Murder Mystery 2. His best friend is Javioc575.



  • His apperance is supposed to represent his "God" form
  • Ethan's name is the start of his Email
  • To get Robux, he steals his mothers credit card lol (she knows)
  • Ethan in Roblox 612 place visits
  • In Google, if you search "Ethan674833", you can see his first character state